Welcome To Mississauga Aquarium

New to the fish hobby? or a veteran and looking for something special? Well no matter what, we’ll have something for you. So come by and see what has swum into our tanks today!

Call us at: (905) 766-3228


An ocean of fun for you and your family


Mississauga Aquarium is a fully stocked fish enthusiast haven. With friendly staff thats also knowledgable, we endeavour to bring you impeccable service.


We are currently open to the public now and would like to welcome you and your families to...

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New? Buy your First Fish

Did you just buy a new fish? Here are some things you should make sure to do to help your ...

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Lots of Accessories!

We carry all sorts of fish equipment. For exotic fish care products, tanks of various size...

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1125 Dundas Street East

Mississauga, ON L4Y 2C4